14th – 15th March 2014

Sound Garden Hotel

A great speaker does more than inform,
a great speaker inspires.

Are you ready to improve your speaking skills?
Why give a good presentation when you can give a spectacular one.
Join us to gear up your speaking skills.

Invest in your future. 
Surround yourself with experts.

John Zimmer
Clients include:

• Retoriikan Kesäkoulu, Finland
• Switzerland Global Enterprise (formerly Osec)
• University of Lausanne EMBA

Florian Mueck
Clients include:
• Accor Hotels
• bofrost*
• Deutsche Bank
• IESE Business School

Olivia Schofield
Clients include: 
• Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. Basil,
• Raytheon, Florida
• Eaton Electrical, Pittsburgh


Clients include: 
• Fordham
• Microsoft
• Interpol
• Kaspersky
• Enisa


Tobias Rodrigues
Clients include:

•Barcelona Biomedical Research Park
• Citi Bank
• Grupo Ferrer International
• IESE Business School

Jerzy Zientkowski
Clients include:

•Inkerman Group
• Mennica Polska S.A.

Invest two days with us and we promise that you will make a quantum leap forward with your public speaking.


You will come away with concrete tips on:

  •    The proper way to prepare a speech or presentation
  •    The structure of a solid presentation
  •    Techniques for crafting and delivering a compelling story
  •    Designing an engaging slide presentation
  •    Using the stage effectively
  •    Finding your unique voice
  •    Creating convincing arguments and influential strategies
  • And more!

If you are a business executive, sales representative, entrepreneur, professional coach or anyone who has to convey important ideas to others, this course is for you.

How did you learn to swim? It wasn’t by standing beside the pool and watching others; you had to jump in! Theory is important, but if you want to improve any skill, you have to combine the theory with practice.

On Day One learn the triggers for successful public speaking. Get tips from the experts. Day Two you’ll jump into the water and really put the theory into practice.

Second day Masterclass coaching from the experts
A chance to get individual feedback from world class speakers!

Spectacular networking opportunities.
Spectacular location.
Spectacular Speaking!